Abigail Gershon Photographed by Photographer David Cash








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- Over 15 Years in the Entertainment Industry -

Internationally Published Photographer, Award Winning Director, NYFW Featured Artist.

+ Producer, Designer, Editor, Writer, Casting Director, Creative Problem Solver.

David on set with Hallea Jones at a Commercial Shoot in 2017.

David on set with Hallea Jones at a Commercial Shoot in 2017.

Your New One Man Creative Agency

David has extensive experience conceptualizing and producing a wide variety of content. From running media for McLean Watson Venture Capital, to running video & digital media for Pride Toronto, to starting and running Toronto’s first Influencer Agency; David has amassed a practical skill set that allows him to transition with ease between the various roles he fills within the creative industry. David’s Photographic Work has been featured internationally in outlets such as Vanity Teen, Getty Images, CBC, Solis, Shuba, & Féroce Magazines amongst others. His Directing, Editing, & Camera Work have sent his Short Films, Music Videos, and Commercials to over 50 film festivals world wide from Rome Art Week to LA Cinefest. David rounds out his creative triple-threat with cutting edge design & art direction skills that recently earned his work featured placement on the runway of New York Fashion Week.

David on the 2006 TiFF Red Carpet With Lassie & Mayor David Miller.

David on the 2006 TiFF Red Carpet With Lassie & Mayor David Miller.

Wealth of Experience

David has had the pleasure of working in the entertainment industry, thus far, since the age of 6 when David started his Career as a Child Actor. Having trained extensively in acting theory & technique in New York, privately studied fine art in Mexico, and having attended Sheridan College for Musical Theatre and Queens University for Film, David brings experience beyond the realm of a standard arts school education. Additionally, with over 15 years of professional experience, David’s comfort zone has become giving Direction on Set.  David’s worked in nearly every area of the creative process from Makeup, to set building, to script writing, to producing, and more — David can confidently take on and creatively manage other practitioners with ease.  He takes pride in “speaking the language of every freelancer” and being familiar on a technical level with every aspect of the photo, video, live, design, and fashion processes. 

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Creative Rationale

David’s creative process is firmly rooted in theory and practical application. Working between a number of formats, he is obsessed with creative innovation and developing content that has never been seen before. Fascinated with the mixing of old and new photo and video formats — David Cash explores every practice possible in his work — from the highest 6k resolution video to the natural eccentricities of analogue film. He believes that developing expertise in one art form serves all others and thus he passionately pursues all of his creative interests as they become relevant to his current work. As interested in plot structure as he is in mixed media visual art — Cash the artist is far more than a Director, Photographer or Designer — he’s an artist to the truest sense of the term, moving between mediums with ease and attempting to showcase the true potential of every art form which he pursues.


Directing / Editing Reel 2017


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